Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Review

Episode 69 · February 28th, 2020 · 47 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Review - Reviewing the UDM! That and some more Unifi news and discussion.

Dream Machine - https://store.ui.com/collections/routing-switching/products/unifi-dream-machine?_pos=1&_sid=318d2d1fe&_ss=r
Dream Machine Pro - https://store.ui.com/collections/routing-switching/products/udm-pro?_pos=2&_sid=318d2d1fe&_ss=r
I totally forgot the Pro has a 10g SFP port. That's pretty important in this comparison!

USW Flex Mini - https://store.ui.com/collections/routing-switching/products/usw-flex-mini

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